Surgery time:
od 15 minut
Number of repetitions
from 350 PLN


The treatment consists of the application of a therapeutic substance – phosphatidylcholine – using mesotherapy. Lipolysis eliminates fat deposits. It is an alternative to surgical intervention. The usual sites treated with lipolysis are: chin, abdomen, buttocks, hips and shoulders.
Duration of the procedure is usually from a dozen to a few dozen minutes. The number of sessions depends primarily on the volume of fat tissue that is to be reduced.
Please note that phosphatidylcholine is a substance indispensable for our bodies. It can be found in all body cells, participates in metabolic processes and is a very important component of the brain and nervous tissue. It prevents deposition of fat and cholesterol and is effective in treating many liver diseases, e.g. cirrhosis, fatty liver, hepatitis.

When can lipolysis be used?

– localised fat deposits
– local fat areas impossible to reduce by dieting or physical exercise
– cellulite treatment
– poor microcirculation, tissue hypoxia
– when the patient wants to avoid surgical intervention


– pregnancy and breast-feeding
– diabetes
– kidney and liver diseases
– blood coagulation disorders
– major obesity

Course of the treatment

The procedure is performed in stages because the drug cannot be administered in one big dose. The treatment consists of injection of the preparation in strictly defined sites into the fat tissue which is to be reduced. Phosphatidylcholine’s mechanism of action consists of dissolution and excretion of fat tissue from the body.
Usually, in the case of small fat deposits around the chin, there is only one session of treatment. In the case of larger deposits, several sessions every 2 weeks are necessary. Following treatment, a massage is recommended.
Post-treatment recommendations
Directly after the treatment session, redness and swelling appears in the injection site. Side effects of the treatment may include bruising in the injection sites as well as a slight pain of the lipolysed area. These sites become more sensitive to touch or pressure, itchiness can also occur. Such a reaction may last up to a few days after the treatment.
After the lipolysis is performed, massage is recommended as a supplementary therapy. Massage triggers fat removal process in the cells and facilitates fat transportation by lymphatic vessels. Daily massaging for 5-10 minutes in 10-14 days strongly enhances the lypolysis.


With a series of 3-5 sessions, waist circumference can be reduced by 4-5cm. Thigh circumference can be reduced by around 2cm as quickly as after 2-3 sessions.
For small amounts of fat tissue, 2-3 sessions are usually sufficient. However, in the case of voluminous fat tissue more sessions are required. Longevity of the effect depends on life-style – diet and physical exercise.


  • Fosfatydylocholine 1 amp – 300 PLN
  • CelluCare 1 amp – 300 PLN

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