Platelet rich plasma

Surgery time:
60 min
Number of repetitions
from 800 to 1900 PLN


Platelet rich plasma, abbreviated to PRP.
PRP is an autologous concentrated preparation made of the patient’s own blood platelets and associated growth factors. This is why it is an absolutely natural and safe procedure.
Owing to growth factors contained in the blood, fibroblasts are stimulated to reproduce, to produce collagen and elastine which restructure the skin. Moreover, growth factors support the process of angiogenesis, i.e. formation of new blood vessels ensuring a better blood flow in the skin. Another important function of the growth factors is the activation of mesenchymal stem cells. Revitalisation of facial skin is possible owing to the autologous cellular regeneration (ACR), i.e. regeneration of skin cells using one’s own growth factors and stem cells. Plasma is widely used in medicine to accelerate the wound healing process.


When can plasma be used?

  • nasolabial furrows and folds
  • eye region, i.e. dark areas under the eyes or crow’s feet
  • revitalisation of skin on the chest, neck and hands
  • volumetry
  • lips, chin, forehead
  • removal of acne scars
  • androgenic and other alopecia

Plasma can be used mainly in patients whose skin requires regeneration and those seeking natural products or allergic to other products. PRP gives long-lasting effects in terms of facial skin regeneration and revitalisation, while being absolutely natural and biocompatible with the body, bearing no risk of intolerance, allergy or other immune reactions.



  • pregnancy and breast-feeding
  • herpes or other inflammatory skin condition
  • therapy with anti-coagulation agents (bruising)
  • uncontrolled diabetes
  • neoplastic disease

Course of the treatment

PRP is obtained by taking a small blood sample from the patient and then by isolating white blood cells and blood platelets from red blood cells by centrifuging. The highly concentrated PRP thus obtained is used directly after centrifuging in the selected facial or body area. The treatment must be repeated several times in 2-4-week intervals. To maintain the effects, the treatment should be repeated every six months.
Post-treatment recommendations:
The treatment site must be kept clean and sterile for 24 hours. No preparations with high active ingredients or fruit acid concentrations can be used. For 2-3 days, places with high infection risks, such as swimming pools, gyms and saunas must be avoided.


Mesotherapy using blood plasma smoothens the skin surface and evens its colouration. Elasticity, tension and density of the skin are improved. Growth factors form new blood vessels which provide a better blood flow in the skin.


  • Platelet rich plasma – face + neck+ neckline – 1900 PLN – 60 min
  • Platelet rich plasma – face + neck – from 800 PLN – 60 min
  • Platelet rich plasma – neckline – 900 PLN – 60 min
  • Platelet rich plasma – hands – 600 PLN – 60 min
  • Platelet rich plasma – scalp – 700 PLN – 60 min

Patients reviews

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