Surgery time:
30-60 min
Number of repetitions
from 850 to 2200 PLN

SCULPTRA® description

SCULPTRA® is a revolutionary treatment which can be compared to a non-surgical face lifting. In therapeutic purposes it was used for the first time more than 30 years ago. It is said that it can stop the passage of time. Sculptra® is nothing more than polylactic acid used to prevent aging and in rejuvenating treatments.

When can be SCULPTRA ® used?

SCULPTRA® has 2 groups of applications:

  • it removes skin wrinkles in various locations
  • it restores volume of the subcutaneous tissue cavities

In addition to this, it has a very good effect on aesthetic outcome improvement in the case of:

  • loose skin of the face and other body parts
  • deep nasolabial folds
  • cheek bone cavities
  • temporal area cavities
  • puppet lines

Sculptra® works in two stages. In the first stage, filling in of the cavities is related to the injected preparation volume. After a few days, the water contained in the gel is absorbed and the correction effect recedes. Then, polylactic acid molecules trigger the collagen synthesis process and naturally rebuild the lost tissue.
Sculptra® works slowly but very effectively and its effects are long-lasting. Effects increase over time and last up to 3-4 years!



Radiesse is one of the most particular preparations filling in subcutaneous cavities and wrinkles. Its particularity consists in its composition. The main and unique ingredient of this preparation is calcium hydroxyapatite, identical to that found in human bones and teeth.
100% biocompatibility of Radiesse makes the treatment entirely safe.
It improves skin density and structure without giving it excessive volume. It differs from hyaluronic acid in a smaller swelling after the treatment and durability. The effect can last up to 2 years!

When is Radiesse used?

  • cavities in cheek areas
  • cavities and deformities of the ear lobe
  • nasolabial fold
  • areas of the cheek bone
  • puppet lines
  • lower jaw edge
  • nasal correction
  • chin
  • dorsum of the hand
    Preparation cannot be applied to the vermilion and temporal areas.

 Course of the treatment

Radiesse™ is introduced subcutaneously upon application of a local anaesthetic. The procedure takes around 30-60 minutes, depending on the area. Owing to a special gel medium, the filling effect – visible directly after the treatment – is immediate. When CaHA molecules reach their destinations in the tissues they instantly form a “scaffolding”, supporting and stimulating production of new tissues. Production of new collagen takes place around micromolecules of calcium hydroxyapatite. The skin is naturally rejuvenated, becoming thicker and more flexible.
Post-treatment recommendations:
Most patients return to work directly after the procedure. In the case of swelling or redness, they disappear within 24 hours. Small bruises can appear, to disappear after up to one week.


Removed subcutaneous tissue cavities in the form of nasolabial furrows and wrinkles give the effect of young and fresh skin. Aesthetic effects usually last 1.5 year, and up to 2 years in some patients!


  • hypersensitivity to calcium hydroxyapatite (RADIESSE)
  • active skin infections (acne, herpes etc.)
  • immune diseases
  • neoplastic diseases
  • pregnancy
  • breast-feeding



  • Sculptra 1 amp – 1500 PLN
  • Ellanse 1 amp – 1400 PLN
  • Radiesse – 850 – 2200 PLN



Patients reviews

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